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All my dog training sessions, except the initial 1-2-1 puppy consultation / training take place outside your home, this is where your dog will spend most of their lives playing, exercising and having fun. 

Ziggy - Puppy TrgIf this is your first puppy/dog or you’ve had a break from having a dog then my initial 1-2-1 puppy consultation / training session will set you off on the right paw with everything you need to know. A new puppy in the house brings an abundance of joy and excitement into your home for everyone, especially children. They also bring a wave of new unexpected new challenges for families to manage.

The first 16 weeks of a puppy’s life is very important for its future behaviour, so starting off on the right paw will help owners, it’s also when a puppy is at its most receptive to learning. 

I offer training options to help your new addition become a well-behaved and trained family dog. Training your dog at home will help, but once those four paws hit the grass outside it will be as if you’ve never trained your dog. Too many new exciting smells, dogs and other things to see and perhaps chase instead of listening to you. 

Your puppy will not learn all its commands and rules overnight, some dogs take longer than others. Dogs are creatures of habit, so consistency, repetition and positive reinforcement are all very important to their training and having a well behaved dog.

Initial 1-2-1 Puppy Consultation / Training.

This is delivered in a relaxed, friendly and enjoyable learning environment for everyone in your home shortly after your bundle of joy arrives.

The session engages the whole family, including children to be part of the puppy’s life and learning chain from the start. Its very important to get the right links in your dogs learning chain and the 1-2-1 initial training session will provide that for you.

  1. Preparing your home and family for the patter of paws.
  2. Toilet training techniques and advice to house train your puppy quickly.
  3. Recall, very important to get the stages and training techniques right from the start.
  4. Start of training your commands, Recall, Leave, Drop and Sit, even before your puppy is allowed out.
  5. Socialisation, the most important aspects of their development. This lays the foundation for all future behaviour, lots of useful guidance and tips.
  6. Commands, what, how and when to use them correctly.
  7. Puppy exercise guidance.
  8. Feeding, Advice and guidance, with so much on the market.
  9. Treats and how to use them correctly for praise and training.
  10. Guidance on house rules for your dog and family.
  11. Leads, collars, identification.
  12. Toys, selecting and use of toys to help prevent chewing.
  13. Crate training.
  14. Common household and garden poisons.
  15. Stages of a bitch in season if you have a little girl.
  16. General welfare, care, feeding and dog tag identification.
  17. Vets, vaccinations, worming and monthly treatment guidance.
  18. Dog legislation and changes to the dangerous dog act, no matter how small or big your dog is, it can still be deemed as dangerous.
  19. Pet Insurance: Advice and guidance as injuries and illnesses can be very expensive.
  20. What to do if your dog is missing, important information.

Puppy / Group Training.

If you have a puppy that you would like to train and socialise, your puppy can join a puppy group training session.

  1. Training is outside in public areas.
  2. Puppies socialise and learn in a safe controlled environment.
  3. Introduces puppy to the new exciting outside world, including people and other dogs.
  4. Teaches puppy to respond to commands, especially the recall when distractions are around.
  5. Teaches puppy social skills.
  6. Develops and strengthens all your commands.

1-2-1 Bespoke Training.

  1. A tailored training programme to work with you and the needs and ability of your dog.
  2. Training puppies, young, older and rescue dogs.
  3. Each training session is a minimum of 1hr.
  4. Training can take place at your home or an outside location, the location can be discussed and agreed before any training takes place.

In the interest of the safety and the welfare of your dog, other dogs, animals and humans your dog must be fully inoculated before training outside your home and in public areas.

Group training takes place in and around the North Bristol area, but can be arranged in other areas dependant on numbers.

I don’t use any harsh treatment, physical punishment or advocate the use of any of these at anytime for any dogs.

If you would like to discuss any session please either use my contact page or better still call me on 07854 091911

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