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Dog training and dog walking in Bristol. I provide dog owners with a high quality professional personal pet care service, experienced dog trainer and dog walker, canine first aid qualified, police checked (Enhanced DBS) and fully insured to walk, train, and transport your dog(s). Most importantly I’m professional, experienced, reliable, friendly and will look after and train your dogs with the same love and care I give to my own dogs. 

Environmental Contribution and Reducing my Carbon Footprint.

It’s estimated that over 500 million plastic poop bags are used around the world annually. I only use 100% compostable poop bags, that break down naturally in less than a year and leave NO micro-plastics in the ground, leaving our environment and oceans free from plastic contamination. The vehicle used to transport your dog(s) meets the latest EU emissions standards and is Euro 6, Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) compliant to help improve air quality.

Dog Walking: 

I have over 8+ years experience as a professional dog walker, providing an excellent quality of service, but more importantly looking after your dog. Choosing a dog walker is a very important family decision these days with so many people offering some sort of dog walking services.



A happy dog is an exercised dog, professional reliable dog walking in Bristol. Your dog will have a full 1 hour walk in a variety of interesting exciting safe locations. The walks are full of fun, interactive and your dog will socialise and play with other dogs, they will also receive the individual attention and affection they need. Dogs will be picked up come rain or shine so you know your dog will be exercised whilst you’re busy. We occasionally meet up with other selected dog walkers to widen your dogs socialisation experience and fun. 


Not only will your dogs be walked, the walks will be interesting and interactive. As a trainer, I also introduce training elements within the walk to help you as owners and your dog to continually develop and learn, an additional service other dog walkers don’t offer. This includes working on their recall and all those other distractions on the walk.

Your dogs will be collected and dropped off in a van with secure safe crating and non-spill water bowl’s in each crate. To ensure additional safety of your home when your dog is out playing the van doesn’t have any signage telling people your dog is being picked up and your house is empty.

I offer owners a professional reliable dog walking service and peace of mind that when their dog is being exercised in my care, it’s safe, socialising and having lots fun.

Puppy and Dog Training: 

a) Initial 1-2-1 Puppy Consultation / Training. 

b) Dog and Puppy Group Training. 

c) 1-2-1 Bespoke Training.


Why is my training different? I train your dogs outside on grass where they walk and play with all the distractions they see everyday. Dog(s) will do virtually everything at home or in a training hall, but when those four paws hit grass it’s as though you’ve never trained them, they are sociable animals and love to play, sound familiar?  

I work with puppies, young, old dogs and rescue dogs providing owners with training sessions to meet the needs of the owners, but more importantly the needs of your dog(s).

Having a well behaved, trained and socialised dog is very important to us all, especially for their safety and welfare. Training your dog ensures that you can have relaxed enjoyable stress free walks. Every owner will have a particular area of training that they would like to develop, improve or focus on, for most owners it’s the recall.

If you are thinking of having a puppy or have a new puppy I provide an initial 1-2-1 puppy consultation / training session in the comfort of your own home. This will give you everything you need to know or wanted to ask about having a puppy to start you off on the right paw.

Areas Covered, I cover the Bristol area for dog, puppy, group and 1-2-1 dog training, the majority of my training takes place in and around the North Bristol area, if you live in other areas of the Bristol, I’m willing to travel, so don’t despair, give me a call to discuss your individual needs.   


Call me on 07854 091911 or email runaroundpetservices@gmail.com


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