Dog Training

Dog Training

  • Group training and 1-2-1 bespoke training lessons.

Why is my dog training different?  I train your dog outside with all the natural distractions of other dogs and ground scent, in their playground where it’s the most important place and needed, but I also help to train you as an owner.

Most dogs will do everything they are asked at home or in a training hall, but once outside when those paws hit grass and open space the dog develops selective hearing, ignores you, runs off and plays with every dog, the recall you thought you had trained is gone? 

Training your dog outside with all its natural distractions is the only real solution to help prevent some of the common problems developing, including not responding to the recall. My training offers owners the opportunity to train and learn techniques to train their dogs effectively. Relaxed walks with your dog playing safely, socialising and knowing that their commands are effective makes everyday fun with your dog.

I offer group training working in small groups of up to 8 dogs. These lessons help to socialise, develop confidence and train your dog to respond to your commands when other dogs and distractions are about. The sessions develop at the level of the dog and owner, the distractions used become more difficult and testing for owners and dogs as you both learn.

1-2-1 bespoke training lessons are tailored to your needs and the needs of your dog and can be help with training a puppy, young, older and rescue dogs. 

Training areas covered. 

  1. Recall training with and without distractions.
  2. Commands and their correct use.
  3. Leave command, techniques to help stop your dog chasing and picking up things it shouldn’t.
  4. Heel work, with and without distractions. 
  5. Give / drop command.
  6. Socialisation, its importance and control.
  7. Meeting and greeting other dog’s and people manners.
  8. Praise, Rewards, Treats, their value, use and significance.
  9. Use of a dog whistle and how to train. (if required).
  10. Manners at gates and doorways.
  11. Road and pavement training safety.
  12. Car safety, transportation, entry and exit.
  13. Handling of dog(s) for owner or Vet examination.
  14. Grooming, daily grooming and checking your dog.
  15. Food Manners.
  16. Setting house rules for the dog.
  17. Toilet training.
  18. Health and Identification.
  19. Responsibility and Care.
  20. Legal Responsibilities.
  21. Discussions within the group lessons to help all owners and dogs learn.

Your dog(s) will not learn all its commands overnight and some dogs, young, old and rescue take longer than others, some dogs are just confused with their owners commands. Dogs are creatures of habit, so consistency, repetition and positive reinforcement are all very important to their training, development, behaviour, safety and having a well behaved dog.

All my training lessons are delivered in a relaxed, friendly, enjoyable learning environment for you and your dog. It’s testing for you both, but we have fun and some laughs along the way.

Training Locations & Timings:

I’m based in the Henleaze area and the majority of my training places takes in North Bristol at local public open spaces on Saturday’s.

If you could benefit from some dog training, social interaction for your dog and joining a friendly group of dog owners working to get the best out of their dogs you can join one of my group training lessons. If you live outside North Bristol and have a group of friends who would like to work together with their dogs and could benefit from some additional training please give me a call. 

As the training takes place outside it’s very much reliant on the weather conditions, I don’t train if the weather conditions are not suitable for the dog or owners. 

I don’t use any harsh treatment, physical punishment or advocate the use of any of these at anytime for any dogs.

  • Call Nick on 07854 091911.

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